Magnesium Spray with OPti MSM &  Lavender Oil  50mls

Magnesium Spray with OPti MSM & Lavender Oil 50mls

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Magnesium Chloride ( Hexahydrate, Dead Sea Origin ) one of the most renowned and pure sources in the world. Our oil is ideal for transdermal use ( applied and absorbed through the skin).

magnesium Oil with added MSM (Organic Sulphur) is the perfect combination as both are excellent for alleviatiing aches, pains and strains in the muscles and joints. Plus a touch of lavender to sooth the skin.

Benefits include:- 

  • Supports a Healthy heart
  • Assists in reducing pain
  • May improve sleep
  • Great overall skin care


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  • Mineral Magic

    Magnesium is considered the most important mineral in the body after oxygen and basic food. Magnesium is the mineral that allows the body to relax. The master mineral that makes the other minerals work properly. It is the most important mineral that is missing in most modern food.


    Many people suffer from lack of health due to the fact they do not get enough magnesium through their diet.Magnesium chloride sprayed on the skin (transdermally) is an ideal way for the body to assimilate this potent mineral. Its ions are essential to all living cells.


    Added MSM (organic sulphur)  helps to rejuvenate collagen and protein that is important for the bodies joints, muscles and bones as well as it is to the skin.

    Added Lavender oil helps as an anti-inflammatory and has additional relaxing effects on the body.

    These three ingredients combined is a great stress relief formula for the muscles and taking magnesium via the skin transdermally is very effective because it avoids the gastrointestinal tract and goes straight into the bloodstream and into the cells.



    Dr Mark Sircus,Ac, OMD,DM (P) Author , Acupuncturist & Doctor.